A food post

I baked a buckle with Liam(4) this morning. It’s supposed to be blueberry, but we used frozen mixed berries instead.

It’s almost gone.


another shawl…

This yarn has been waiting for a project. It isn’t technically my yarn, it’s Tracy’s, but we’ll ignore that for now. Here’s what it’s going to become:

That’s right, it’s another Melanie Berg pattern. This time, it’s Sunwalker. I’m excited to get this one going, and no, I haven’t finished the other one yet.

The shawl grows

Never mind the badly lit photo, the point is mostly that the Assante shawl is growing and quite quickly. Even though it’s only been a week, I’m just over the halfway point.

If I’m honest, it seems like it’s a bit small for this point but the rows are getting longer and longer, so we’ll see.

The fact that it is all in garter stitch is making for a really relaxing knit and a really good project for watching old episodes of Top Gear and Grantchester.