a thought on Leviticus 19:19

You shall keep my statutes. You shall not let your cattle breed with a different kind. You shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor shall you wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of material. Leviticus 19:19

Leviticus is the book of the Bible that seems to be the favorite target of those that would seek to discredit the revealed word of God. For some reason, this passage seems to be one that’s pointed to as one of the more absurd in the midst of a long list of laws that were given for the people of Israel.

But as I have been working my way through the Bible this year, I’ve found that it is far from disjointed and self-contradictory. Despite the myriad human authors and the time that the Book spans, it is remarkably cohesive. This has been especially evident thanks to the reading plan that I am using, the 5 Day Plan. It’s structured in such a way that you see Old and New Testaments working together to present the truth to you in a way that both makes sense and leads you to worship.

Reading of the institution of the Aaronic priesthood while also reading in Hebrews of Jesus’ function as our great high priest with a Psalm in the middle is awe-inspiring.

So when I see a passage like the one quoted above, I do not see a weird law telling the Israelites that they can’t wear a cotton-poly blend robe, but that they are to follow the one, true God alone. That they, we, have been set apart for holiness because our God is holy. That kind of holiness means that there is nothing that can be allowed to defile His people. It’s why the sacrificial system was put in place. It is why Aaron and his sons had to wash before donning the priestly garments (only to be covered with oil and blood soon after).

What seems like a ridiculous decree is actually a call to purity and faithfulness to the God that brought them out of Egypt.


To start writing about knitting 

There’s nothing quite like the starting of a brand new project. I’ve had this one waiting to start for a while. It’s Estuary by Tin Can Knits and I’m knitting it up in Knit Picks’ Palette Tonal in the Sherwood colorway.