We started this year with so much hope.

We had just gotten pregnant again and I was starting to have conversations that would hopefully lead us back to the U.K. where we want to live and be on mission and in ministry. By the end of January, both of those things came to an end.

We miscarried on the 26th of January.

The goal of making it to the U.K. this year ended for the third year in a row.

But I also watched my daughters turn 6 and 5. And we went camping and watched them start to really thrive in school. I sat and listened to them reading to me. I watched my son become absolutely obsessed with Batman in the way that only a three-year-old can obsess about something.

We nearly moved to Paris for a ministry job, but God made it clear that that isn't where He wants us. I left behind the day job that I had worked for three and a half years for a better job and more time at home. I got to quit working at Chipotle and we still managed to make the rent.

I got to smoke tobacco and drink really good beer with my dearest friend/arch-nemesis.

Tracy got pregnant again. The baby is due in a month.

I finally got reconnected with an old friend and may actually have a way to do ministry, get educated and live in the U.K.

2016 was a really hard year for literally everybody to live through. But we are almost out of it. And I hope to God that 2017 goes better than 2016.