White noise

Over the last couple of months I’ve been making a concerted effort to avoid social media and I’ve been mostly successful. I’ve needed to check back in occasionally, like when my email imploded and stopped arriving, but I have I say that I don’t miss it.

And I’ve also noticed the feeling of being overwhelmed and overstimulated, while being lessened, is still present. While the main contributing factor is the fact that I work two jobs, another issue is the fact that I have this blog. It’s a source of stress, feeling that there’s this thing that I need to update or else I don’t really exist. It’s a foolish thought and concern but it is one that exists regardless.

So I’m checking out for a while longer. I’m not sure how long but my mind needs a break from feeling that it should be sharing. This time, I’ll be leaving this blog silent. I want to spend the next year reading real books and writing on real paper and preparing my mind and my heart for what I hope will be the biggest push toward a goal that Tracy and I have had so far in our marriage. We desperately hope that the calling we have to go to Wales bears fruit. If it doesn’t, we will need to work even harder toward whatever our ultimate calling is for life and ministry and that will require more mental space.

So now, the quiet begins and the work starts.